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    This searchable document library includes approximately 3,800 source documents, which have been reviewed during the assessment of the 38 companies and 180 selected mine sites. This library contains documents up to mid-2019, the assessment period of the RMI Report 2020. It is possible to search for a specific text in the titles and to filter by company, using the fields below.

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    Exxaro ResourcesAccountAbility - 2015 - AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard
    OranoAIDA - 2018 - Technical Briefing on mine closure (French)
    OranoAIDA - nd - Rules on risks mitigation and environmental protection (French) (webpage)
    TeckAlaska Department of Natural Resources - Red Dog - nd - Permits and Authorizations
    OranoAmerican Chemical Society - 2014 - JEB Tailings Management Facillity (scientific article)
    OranoANDRA - nd - National Inventory (French) (webpage)
    Anglo AmericanAnglo American - 2008 - Safety Golden Rules
    Anglo AmericanAnglo American - 2009 - Environment Way volume 2
    Anglo AmericanAnglo American - 2010 - Sustainable Development Supply Chain Policy
    Anglo AmericanAnglo American - 2011 - Fatal Risks Standard